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Cruelty Free. Ethically Tested and Natural Products


Fetch Groom & LoveMyGroom Dog Grooming 



We offer you and your pooch an enhanced grooming experience like no other.


Over our years in the business we have continued to perfect traditional grooming techniques and in our opinion we offer not just better grooms but also a better choice of services with great value for you. 


Our salon has been specially designed with 3 objectives

Safety & Health

  • Partitioned zones to reduce risk of infestation/disease/virus being past to pets.

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection procedures

  • Routine sterlisation of all brush, comb & cutting equipment.

  • Highest quality tools and latest motorised and modern grooming equipment

  • Cushioned and non-slip flooring to prevent pooch accidental injury

Comfort and Happiness - For you and doggie doggie

  • 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

  • FUR-esh Look Discounted Grooming Service

  • Fixed Fee and Lower Fee reward program

  • Air conditioned

  • Secure pens for your waitig pets.

  • Reducing stress with understanding and patience for dogs that find grooming challenging. 
  • We use cruelty free & ethical products to improve coat quality and promote good health.
  • And lots of love for all pooches.

Expertly Trained, Experienced, First Aid Certified & Fully Insured  

English and Polish speaking.

About LoveMyGroomer & Fetch Groom

Our mission is to exceed your grooming expectation.


Grooming is an experience as much as a great look.


It is a little embarrassing to admit that there was a time when we missed the regular brushing of our little girl's coat and found it challenging to even do a simple bath.


Ellie, our Bichon Poodle, didn't look as pretty as she should and her coat was messy, not getting the care it needed.


​Fetch Groom was born from a desire to find a groomer that would care for Ellie, offer a stress free environment and make her look and smell wonderful.


We are pleased to tell you confidently that if your demands for a groomer are the same as ours Fetch Groom delivers that and more.


LoveMyGroomer has been created to enhance our service offering. LMG has a program that offers increased value on the traditional groom.

  • Our famous FUR-esh Look is a Discounted detailing and hygiene service.

  • Included FREE cruelty, ethical and natural grooming products

  • FREE stokes and kisses for all pets. 

  • Fix Price Plans

  • Reduce Fee the more you groom

  • Rewards Price Saving 


Our Goal is for you to have a pouch that looks good all the time. No more Shaggy to Shaved to Shaggy. Just a great style and look always.


Grooms for pets & people that care that little bit more

English and Polish speaking.
it is the right thing to do
Recommended for difficult dogs
For wiry hair dogs this is the correct way to promote a healthy coat with shine.
Finger and thumb technique
Specialist tool
Spa Bath towel dry & groom dryer
Ear, Eye and Nail treatment
Tail styling
Dog breed coat styling
Trained Stylist
NOTE: This treatment time varies in time depending on breed and condition. Prices can only be determined once the dog has been viewed
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